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The Colorado License Professor is Colorado's number one provider of high quality real estate knowledge designed to help YOU pass your Colorado real estate exam the first time. Explanations and feedback given by the Colorado License Professor is provided by real estate license instructors and professional realtors from across Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. Thousands of students have already aced their Colorado real estate exam by preparing with the Colorado License Professor.

The Colorado Division of Real Estate licenses, registers, and regulates real estate salespersons (sales agents) and brokers and has its real estate licensing exam administered by PSI. Our Colorado real estate prep exams cover all of the necessary fundamentals for both the state and national portions of the PSI exam.

What are the Colorado NATIONAL Licensing Exam Topics?

  1. Property Ownership
  2. Land Use Controls and Regulations
  3. Valuation and Market Analysis
  4. Financing, Laws of Agency
  5. Mandated Disclosures
  6. Contracts, Transfer of Property
  7. Practice of Real Estate
  8. Mathematics
  9. Specialty Areas

What are the Colorado STATE Licensing Exam Topics?

  1. Duties and Powers of Real Estate Commission
  2. Licensing Requirements
  3. Requirements Governing the Activities of Licenses
  4. Additional Topics
  5. Colorado Forms and Contracts
  6. Record Keeping and Trust Accounts
  7. Closing and Settlement
  8. Brokerage Relationships

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The content for each Colorado real estate exam has been extensively planned out by the Colorado License Professors editorial staff; professionals who teach real estate license courses all over Colorado. Through their valuable years of instructional experience they have created a series of practice tests that help future realtors prepare for their real estate exam. Don't set up to fail. Pass the Colorado real estate exam using the excellent practice exams and informative feedback that the Colorado License Professor's system provides. And don't forget - we have a 100% money back guarantee!

Colorado exam questions and our comprehensive glossary cover all real estate topics, including:

  1. Introduction to the Real Estate Business
  2. Real Property and the Law
  3. Concepts of Home Ownership
  4. Agency
  5. Real Estate Brokerage
  6. Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation
  7. Interests in Real Estate
  8. Forms of Real Estate Ownership
  9. Legal Descriptions
  10. Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens
  11. Real Estate Contracts
  12. Transfer of Title
  13. Title Records
  14. Real Estate Financing: Principles
  15. Real Estate Financing: Practice
  16. Leases
  17. Property Management
  18. Real Estate Appraisal
  19. Land-Use Controls and Property Development
  20. Fair Housing and Ethical Practices
  21. Environmental Issues and Real Estate Transactions
  22. Closing the Real Estate Transaction
  23. Real Estate Math
  24. Colorado Law and Practice

A Colorado Real Estate Broker License is required of individuals who want to who perform acts of real estate services in Colorado. Purchasing our broker package and selecting Colorado will provide you with national exam prep questions as well as Colorado-specific broker practice questions.

In the State of Colorado , exams, licensing, and continuing education for real estate agents are governed by the Colorado Division of Real Estate.

An examination is required of all applicants not previously licensed.

Application to the Division of Real Estate must be filed within one year of the date of passing the entire examination. An applicant for a broker's license shall be at least eighteen years of age.

The Real Estate Commission is authorized to require and procure proof of the truthfulness, honesty, good moral character and competency of the applicant in such manner as to safeguard the interest of the public.

Colorado license law acknowledges three levels of responsibility and authority.

  1. Associate Broker: This is the entry level license for real estate brokerage An Associate Broker may hold an inactive license or be employed and supervised by an Employing Broker. No previous active real estate licensure is required to practice at this level of responsibility.
  2. Independent Broker: An Independent broker can be inactive, self-employed (without employing other licensees) or practice under the supervision of an Employing Broker. Two years of active licensure are a prerequisite for this level of licensure.
  3. Employing Broker: An Employing Broker can have an inactive licensure, practice independently or employ (and is required to supervise) other licensees.

Take our free sample real estate exam so you can see exactly what you are signing up for. Just remember that you get access to the entire databank with 1600+ questions specific to Colorado.

We know you may still have a number of questions about obtaining your real estate license in Colorado. Here are the most commonly asked ones. If you still have questions, just go to our contact page and let us know.

The broker exam contains 80 national questions and 74 state-specific questions. You must correctly answer at least 60 of the national questions and 53 of the state-specific questions to pass.

Just because you have a criminal record, it does not mean that you will be prevented from receiving your license. It is always best to provide details on your application. If you are unsure, you can always call the commission to clarify what type of convictions are allowed, and which are not.

You are given a total of 3 hours 50 minutes for the broker exam. You are are allowed 120 minutes (2 hours) for the national portion and 110 minutes (1 hour 50 minutes) for the state portion, for a total of 230 minutes (3 hours 50 minutes).

If you are licensed in one of the 49 other U.S. States, Colorado will accept an application for licensure with limited examination and or pre-licensing education requirements. If you are licensed in one of these jurisdictions and would like to apply for a Colorado license, review the Colorado Real Estate Broker License Application in order to determine licensing requirements, and follow the instructions on the application.