How It Works

We have thousands of practice exam questions perfect for studying for your real estate exam. Learn more about how our packages work below!

The Real Estate License Professor is the #1 site in online real estate license preparation. We offer top quality online training study guides specially designed to prepare you for the experience of taking your state’s real estate exam. Our exam questions are derived from old state tests that are analyzed by our team of real estate educators with years of experience. You are provided with feedback as you progress through the exam. It is the best way to learn what you need to know to pass your license exam.

Simple. Go to the Packages page. Choose which package best suits your needs. Enter all the necessary information to become a member. Make sure to include which state you wish to study for. Once the membership process is completed you are a member of the Real Estate License Professor’s family. Study the material at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can add more studying time to your membership at any time.

There are two different styles of exams a member of the Real Estate License Professor can take. There are static exams of 100 questions each and dynamic exams you can generate. By generating your own exam, you can take 25, 50, 75, or 100 exam questions at a time. This is very convenient if you just don’t have enough time to do a full 100 question exam. Questions are randomly generated based on your state and will cover questions very similar to what you’ll see on your license exam. You can generate your own exam 50 times and never get the same question!

  • Static Exams – Each with 100 questions provided to give you the most thorough knowledge needed for you to pass your exam the first time.
  • Definitions – Hundreds of questions focusing on vocabulary and concepts necessary to a real estate licensee.
  • Math Exams – Hundreds of questions focusing on mathematical concepts necessary to a real estate licensee.

  • Learning Mode – You answer a question similar to a real exam. The Real Estate License Professor then responds to your answer as correct or incorrect while providing a descriptive explanation. Instant feedback for each question.
  • Exam Mode – This mode simulates the testing environment. You are presented with a number of questions to answer. Upon completion all of the questions, the License Professor adds up your score just like you took the actual test.
  • Flash Card Mode – Start this method a day or two before you take the exam. You are presented both the question and answer as a flash card. Sit back and learn.

Static exams can also be randomized. You’ll receive the same 100 questions, but in a random order. You can re-take these exams over time, and watch your progress steadily improve. The License Professor also has some of the latest in exam features, including:

  • Save Questions – You can save questions you find difficult and practice them until you’re 100% confident.
  • Review Exam – Finished your exam and not happy with your average? Review all the questions, so you can study exactly what you need to.
  • Continue Exam – Not able to complete an exam? No worries, our system remembers exactly where you were.