Covid-19 has had a major impact on examination services, and is still something to plan around when applying for your real estate license.

Is now a good time to be studying for YOUR real estate licensing exam?

It is an excellent time! Although the housing market has slowed down in most states, that also means now is a great time to practice for your real estate licensing exam, in preparation for the real thing. Once the states start to roll back social distancing, the market is going to be flooded with people looking to both buy and sell, giving new real estate sales agents and brokers a rare opportunity to dive into one of the hottest markets you’ll see in decades.

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Can I still take my real estate license exam during COVID-19?

Almost all state real estate license exams are handled by PSI, Pearson VUE, or PSI/AMP. For the latest news on test centers and online exam availability, click on the links below:

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